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CACA - Chinese American Citizens Alliance

Ikebana International Monterey Bay Chapter 231

Ikebana International Monterey Bay Chapter 231


CACA-CAS Sponsors:

Six Annual High School Scholarships up to $1500 each, to college, university, or post secondary trade school, for children of members of CACA and/or CAS who are of at least 25% Chinese ancestry. 


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CACA Sponsors:

CACA provides an Annual Anniversary Fall Luncheon, and the Installation of Board and Officers luncheon is usually in January. 

 CACA provides Bus Loading and Shuttle Drivers for the AT&T Pro Am in  February.  The Chinese Community provides Shuttle Drivers  (and Sack Lunches for Golf Course Volunteers if they win the Bid) for the First Tee Open-PURE Insurance Championship Golf Tournament in  

            September in Pebble Beach.                                                                                      CACA co-sponsors with CAS to provide a Christmas December Holiday Dinner for members at the  Confucius Church in Salinas Chinatown. 


Herb Wong, President

Contact: Collector: Leonard Han

Dues are $40 Year. (831)-224-7071

Ikebana International Monterey Bay Chapter 231

Ikebana International Monterey Bay Chapter 231

Ikebana International Monterey Bay Chapter 231


The Monterey Bay Chapter is a non-profit educational and public service organization dedicated to the study and teaching of ikebana (Japanese style flower arranging).  Community projects include elementary school workshops, arrangements at Westland House, and community demonstrations.

Arrangement: Atsuko Veio

Photo: Kozue Knowles

MBCA - Monterey Bay Chinese Association

Ikebana International Monterey Bay Chapter 231

MBCA - Monterey Bay Chinese Association


(AASMB is a Lifetime Member)

A California non-profit organization for mutual help and support in the Chinese community.  MBCA hosts the annual Chinese Cultural Festival and the MBCA Chinese School on Saturdays. 

President Richard Zhang

Chinese Association of Salinas (CAS)

Chinese Association of Salinas (CAS)

MBCA - Monterey Bay Chinese Association



CAS - Chinese Association of Salinas  

P. O. Box 1288, Salinas, CA 93902

Albert Tam, President 2020

Events - RSVP Vice-President CAS

Linda Low 831-424-9290

Physical Location: 

1 California Street, Salinas, CA

 in "Chung Wah",  the former Salinas Confucius Church.

CAS provides the Annual Chinese Community Picnic at Toro Park for members and guests. CAS co-sponsors the Christmas December Holiday Dinner for members at the Confucius Church in Salinas Chinatown. 

CAS was established in 1936 

and there are no Dues.

CAS Sponsors the Wenson Louie College Scholarship Application: 

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2020 CAS Senior Dinners Thursdays

 at  6 PM ($8 Members/ 

$12 Nonmembers) RSVP Linda Low    831-424-9290 or


  6-25, 7-23, 8-27, 9-24,  10-22

CAS/CACA Christmas Dinner Party

6 PM Free


 Chinese Mandarin Language Schoo

Headmaster Linda Gin:

Level  8 for children.

Cancelled temporarily. 


The Chinese Seniors Club, which provides monthly dinners (January - October, usually on the 3rd Thursday) at the Salinas Confucius Church in Chinatown. They also offer an Annual Community Picnic at Toro Park,  Tai Chi Shadow Dancing Classes, and a joint weekend December Holiday Dinner with CACA. 

Herb Wong, Vice President


Chinese Women’s Auxiliary 华人妇女会  – Candice Chin , 陈月仙

The Chinese Women’s Auxiliary is an organization which supports the Chinese community and its events. Past Auxiliary activities, among others, have included tours of Taylor Farms salad plant, Lulu’s chocolate candy factory, supporting the Asian Festival and assisting in the making of the sandwich meal for the First Tee Golf Tournament as a fundraiser for CACA. Members have demonstrated craft skills such as making greeting cards, Chinese lanterns, creating succulent terrariums. Making baby hats and heart pillows is an ongoing project for our local hospitals.  Monthly meetings are held on the third Tuesday of each month, January through October at 1:30 pm at Chung Wah, 1 California St. Annual membership is a mere $10.  We welcome new members to join us at any time.

Ping-Pong Club

Sunday, Tuesday & Thursday 7 PM

and 1-3 PM (ending time varies)

Excluding Senior Dinner Nights


1-3 PM Thursday (ending time varies)

excluding Senior Dinner Nights

Seaside & Salinas Buddhist Temples

Chinese Association of Salinas (CAS)

Seaside & Salinas Buddhist Temples


Home of the Obon Festivals in July, featuring demonstrations of Taiko drums, Ikebana and Bonsai, Introduction to the Temple, Kendo, Dance, Tea Ceremony, martial arts, and Japanese food.

  Monterey Peninsula in Seaside

  Salinas Chinatown

Photo: By Magicnikon on

Filipino Community Clubs

Chinese Association of Salinas (CAS)

Seaside & Salinas Buddhist Temples


Social and fundraising non-profit organization. 629 Pearl Street  Monterey, CA 93940

Filipino American National Historical Society (Salinas)

Filipino American Community Club of Monterey Peninsula (Marina)


Arts Council for Monterey County

Monterey Peninsula JACL - Japanese American Citizens League of Monterey Peninsula

Korean American Community Organization of Monterey County (KOAMCO)


Our Sponsor

The mission of the Arts Council for Monterey County is to improve the quality of life for everyone in our region through the arts.

Thanks to our supporters and partners, we help bring high quality arts programs to more and more residents — including those who have historically had little access. Over the years, we have strengthened the capacity of all arts organizations and cultural groups to more effectively serve our families and we have influenced a broad range of leaders to incorporate the arts to achieve their goals.

Korean American Community Organization of Monterey County (KOAMCO)

Monterey Peninsula JACL - Japanese American Citizens League of Monterey Peninsula

Korean American Community Organization of Monterey County (KOAMCO)



Home of the Korean Language School, Senior Association,  Monterey Korean School (MKS) on Saturdays, and home of the Monsori Samulnori Percussion Band.

1201 Echo Avenue, Seaside, CA 93955

Contact: President Mun Yi (831) 809-3779. 

Contact: MKS School Principal and Monsori Leader: Dukhyun Cho 

(831) 233-1008 

Photo: Kate Hwang Fan Dance

Monterey Peninsula JACL - Japanese American Citizens League of Monterey Peninsula

Monterey Peninsula JACL - Japanese American Citizens League of Monterey Peninsula

Monterey Peninsula JACL - Japanese American Citizens League of Monterey Peninsula


JACL Hall and Heritage Center

424 Adams Street
Monterey, CA 93940

A member of the national organization, whose mission is to secure and maintain the civil rights of Japanese Americans and all others who are victimized by injustice and prejudice. Provides educational, cultural, family and youth activities.


Monterey Bay Lion Dance Team

Society for Asian Art (part of the Asian Art Museum, San Francisco)

Monterey Peninsula JACL - Japanese American Citizens League of Monterey Peninsula


The Monterey Bay Lion Dance Team is a nonprofit group dedicated to the pursuit of excellence in sharing the art of Lion Dance and Chinese culture, promoting Arts and Education, Multiculturalism and diversity through Community School Programs and Community Events throughout the Monterey Bay Central Coast Area and beyond. 

Contact: Cryn Corpuz

(831) 402-6380

Language Capital of the World Festival

Society for Asian Art (part of the Asian Art Museum, San Francisco)

Society for Asian Art (part of the Asian Art Museum, San Francisco)


The Annual Cultural Festival is free, and held at Custom House Plaza, near Fisherman's Wharf. It features exciting international music and dance performances, language mini-lessons, ethnic crafts, unique cultural activities, and delicious international food at this fun family-friendly event.

Society for Asian Art (part of the Asian Art Museum, San Francisco)

Society for Asian Art (part of the Asian Art Museum, San Francisco)

Society for Asian Art (part of the Asian Art Museum, San Francisco)


 Lectures, study groups, and organized trips with outstanding scholars to the U.S. and abroad, offering high-quality educational and cultural programs to its members and the general public. The SAA provides Docent Lecturers to AASMB on Asian History & Culture . 

US-China Peoples Friendship Association - South Bay Chapter

US-China Peoples Friendship Association - South Bay Chapter

US-China Peoples Friendship Association - South Bay Chapter



The US-China Peoples Friendship Association (USCPFA) is a nonprofit, tax-exempt, 501(c)(3) educational organization. Our goal is to develop and strengthen friendship and understanding between the peoples of the United States and China.

Membership in the South Bay Chapter includes a subscription to the quarterly  US-China Review.

The Main Chapter of USCPFA was founded as a national organization in 1974, working on people-to-people diplomacy between Americans and Chinese. Nearly 35 chapters in four regions spanning the U.S. comprise the organization. National policies are established by the membership, which meets biennially at a national convention. A national board of directors implements national policy and meets twice each year.

USCPFA is financed by membership dues, individual donations, local fundraising activities, and tours to China.

South Bay Chapter:

Main Chapter: 

National President Diana Greer:

Western Region President Frances Goo:

Photo by Jakub Halun

TACL - Taiwanese American Citizens League

US-China Peoples Friendship Association - South Bay Chapter

US-China Peoples Friendship Association - South Bay Chapter


Taiwanese American Citizens League
2443 Fillmore Street #380-9501
San Francisco, CA 94115

(210) 901-8225

Established July 13, 1985, the mission of TACL is to enhance the quality of life for Taiwanese Americans. Our work is largely devoted to Leadership, Identity, Networking, and Citizenship.

The professional chapters of TACL, branded Taiwanese American Professionals (TAP), make up the largest network of Taiwanese American young professionals in the United States. TACL’s TAP chapters span the country from coast to coast, with events and programs focused on pillars of culture, community service, professional, social, and leadership. TAP chapters serve as the local voice and leadership of TACL in each region.

TACL’s programs serve to benefit all ages, but have all emphasized on leadership and identity development programs for youth, encouraging involvement and development in areas that Asian Americans lack adequate representation. Signature programs include the Leadership Identity Development (LID) and Leading Youth Forward (LYF) Camps, Political Internship (PIP), Journalism Internship (JIP), Entertainment Internship (EI), High School Scholarship, and Junior Taiwanese American Students Association (JTASA).

TACL is a 501(c)3 non-profit run entirely by unpaid volunteers.

What We Stand For

Leadership – Instilling leadership qualities to enrich the quality of life of ourselves and the communities we serve, while also increasing our visibility.

Identity – Building an understanding of Taiwanese American heritage, encouraging pride in Taiwanese American identity, advocating for issues pertinent to Taiwanese Americans, and helping to contribute to a Taiwanese American culture ever richer in its diversity.

Networking – Networking with other Taiwanese American, Asian and Pacific Islander, minority and other citizens, as a means of empowerment, to gain respect from and equality with all Americans.

Citizenship – Helping to instill in our community a greater sense of citizenship, stressing both the responsibilities and rights that come with it, so that all may share in the task of forging a strong future and the benefits that follow.

Korean Culture Center

US-China Peoples Friendship Association - South Bay Chapter

AIF - American India Foundation


1201 Echo Avenue, Seaside, CA 93955

President: Young Suk Kim

AIF - American India Foundation

Vietnamese American Heritage Foundation (VAHF)

AIF - American India Foundation


The American India Foundation is a nonprofit 501 (c)3 organization committed to catalyzing social and economic change in India and building a lasting bridge between the United States and India through high-impact interventions in education, livelihoods, public health, and leadership development. Working closely with local communities, AIF partners with NGOs to develop and test innovative solutions and with governments to create and scale sustainable impact.

There are 17 Sustainable Development Goals to transform our world:

The Bay Area Chapter is one of AIF’s founding chapters. Its annual fundraising Gala anchors AIF’s Fall calendar. Along with its annual Gala, the chapter also has an active young professionals chapter.

To get involved, contact

Vietnamese American Heritage Foundation (VAHF)

Vietnamese American Heritage Foundation (VAHF)

Vietnamese American Heritage Foundation (VAHF)


Founded in 2004, VAHF is dedicated to the preservation, promotion, and celebration of the history and heritage of Vietnamese Americans. 


VietStories at UC Irvine: 

Vietnamese American Oral History Project

Cambodian Association of America

Vietnamese American Heritage Foundation (VAHF)

Vietnamese American Heritage Foundation (VAHF)


CAA, incorporated as a nonprofit organization in 1975, is the oldest and largest Cambodian organization in the United States. The organization has been instrumental in establishing the Cambodian community in Long Beach and promoting small businesses along the Anaheim and Atlantic corridors, an area known to many as “Cambodia Town”.

The mission of our early founders was to assist Cambodian refugees in Southern California in acculturating to life in America, while preserving the Cambodian culture, customs, and values. During its first years, CAA operated on the resources of its members out of a garage with little assistance from outside funding sources. Even so, they were successful in providing translation, transportation, and acculturation classes to newly arriving refugees; in advocating for the rights of Southeast Asians on a local and national level; in assisting over twenty Cambodian associations in establishing throughout the U.S.; and in participating in a national cluster project relocating newly arriving refugees throughout the U.S.

​Currently, CAA operates fourteen programs funded by federal, state, county, city and private foundations. Since 2000, CAA has expanded services to serve non-Asian groups, including Hispanics, African Americans, and Caucasians. Each year over 3,000 people receive direct services from CAA. Our outreach education programs reach over 15,000 people per year.

Photo by Sam Garza

National Cambodian American Organization

Promoting Khmer Identity, Pride and Unity


Myanmar - Burma




The American-Thai Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to supporting education, health, and public and civic affairs in Thailand and to empower underprivileged Thais and future leaders through education.

 American-Thai Foundation, through its sister organization, Yonok Foundation, at the Yonok University in Thailand, continues to promote social change primarily through education, health, and community development in Thailand.

Our latest initiative is to empower Thai students with English proficiency by placing passionate and skilled American teachers in schools in less-developed provinces throughout the country, by launching Teach Thailand Corps in 2011.

Thai Alliance in America

TAA has worked hard to support the Thai community in the U.S., encourage young Thai Americans to get more involved, offer scholarships to Thai students, and try to improve the status of Thai people in this country.

Thai Association of Northern California 

      24 SILVER BIRCH LN, SCOTTS VALLEY, CA 95066-4789        

501 (c)3   since April 1994   

  • EIN: 68-0189507

List of Thai Associations in America:


Myanmar - Burma



The Malaysia-America Society (MAS) is an all-volunteer people-to-people organization dedicated to promoting understanding and friendship between America(ns) and Malaysia(ns).  It was founded in the early 1970s by the late Prof. Warren Hunsberger at American University in Washington, D.C.

The American Association of Malaysia is a non-profit organization comprised of Americans and non-Americans living in and around Kuala, Lumpur, Malaysia. We seek to serve as a social support network for our members by organizing fun events for families and adults through a variety or recurring and special events. In addition to fostering a strong community, we are also committed to giving back to the local charity organizations through fundraising and volunteering opportunities.

Myanmar - Burma

Myanmar - Burma

Myanmar - Burma


Network of Myanmar American Association

NetMAA’s vision and mission are to support and promote education, social issues, Myanmar (Burmese) arts, and culture in the United States. NetMAA’s goal is to educate the Myanmar (Burmese) community about our rich cultural heritage, and build bridges of friendships with other diverse communities. 

MetMAA is a  501(c)(3) non-profit, non-partisan, and non-political organization, founded in early 2006, entirely run by volunteers. 

NetMAA is NOT involved in any political or religious issues. The NetMAA does extend its membership and activities to everyone regardless of race, ethnicity or religion. We look forward to the effective unification of all Myanmar-American associations and the empowerment of our vast Myanmar-American community. It is time that we act as One Voice in order to preserve and promote our culture and progress of the present and future generations of Myanmar-Americans. 

Asian Cultural Experience (ACE)

Pacific Grove Chinese Fishing Village

Asian Cultural Experience (ACE)



Asian Cultural Experience (ACE), Salinas, CA is a non-profit community-based organization whose goal is to preserve the history and culture of Salinas Chinatown, involving diverse ethnic groups that began in Chinatown. ACE is working to document and showcase the oral, visual and artifact history of the Chinese, Japanese, and Filipino residents of the Chinatown neighborhood for the future Asian Cultural Center and Museum on Soledad Street.

Some of what ACE does:

  • Restoration of Republic Cafe as the Asian Cultural Center and Museum
  • Oral histories of Chinatown Residents
  • Collects, displays and archives photos, artifacts, and history of the Chinese, Japanese, and Filipinos in Chinatown.
  • Virtual Walking Tour of Chinatown
  • Pop-up Exhibits
  • Festivals celebrating our diverse Chinatown cultures

Please support the goals of ACE by becoming a Member, and fill out the form on our website.
Regular annual membership is $25 per person. ACE is a 501(c)(3) not for profit organization. All donations are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law. Our Fed. Tax ID: 30-076426002.

  Our next big event will be the Asian Festival, always held on the last Saturday of April, with different events split between the Japanese Buddhist Temple, Chinese Confucius Church, Filipino Community Hall, and ACE (this year at Moon Gate Plaza).   

ACE Website for events, membership form and local history: 

The ACE Walking Tour website contains oral histories, video, and other information from Salinas Chinatown.   ACE Walking Tour website:


 Jean Vengua, Co-chair

Asian Cultural Experience (ACE)


Cathy Chavez-Miller, Co-chair

Manjushri Dharma Center

Pacific Grove Chinese Fishing Village

Asian Cultural Experience (ACE)


724 Forest Avenue, Pacific Grove, CA 93950


The Manjushri Dharma Center will always welcome you! We’d love to hear from you and will be happy to answer any questions you have. 

Khenpo Karten Rinpoche

Khenpo Karten Rinpoche arrived in the United States in 2008. He taught in the Monterey Bay area for the first time in September of that year. He returned in 2009 and after meeting a group of prospective students, decided to make his home here. Since then, Rinpoche has established his permanent Buddhist facility, Manjushri Dharma Center, in the town of Pacific Grove. This has become his main teaching location and residence in the U.S.

The Center offers weekly programs and daylong retreats, hosts Buddhist teachers from all around the world, and provides spiritual services to the surrounding community. The Center’s members have grown into a caring Sangha of Buddhist practitioners. Rinpoche invites all to visit and participate!

Pacific Grove Chinese Fishing Village

Pacific Grove Chinese Fishing Village

Pacific Grove Chinese Fishing Village



This exhibition tells the story of the residents of the Point Alones Chinese Fishing Village. The first Chinese to immigrate to America as families, these residents were forced out of their homes in 1906.  Having started one of California's largest fisheries, the villagers  significantly contributed to California's natural history and economic development. Historic photographs from the Museum's Collection tell their story. 

Learn More Here:


Pacific Grove Museum 

of Natural History

165 Forest Avenue

Pacific Grove, CA 93950

(831) 648-5716 

10-5 Monday-Sunday

10-7 Mondays (Memorial Day to Labor Day) 

Check website for other hours.